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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who drew flowers - flower bouquets, floral wallpapers, flowers with checks, flowers with stripes, but always flowers. She grew up to do all sorts of other things but always knew in her heart that one day she'd come back to being an artist and bring her flowers to life.​

Along the way, in the years when there was no time for drawing flowers, she found she cherished those places where she could collect little bits of floral beauty. These precious treasures - botanical stationery, floral fabric, paper flowers, still life paperweights – weren’t practical. They were more important – they kept alive the little girl’s dream that she might one day have time to devote to her art and see her floral designs come to life. They were the seeds that she planted hoping they might one day be able to bloom. 

Sew & Bloom grew from these seeds. It’s a place where the little girl's love of all things floral can exist in the real world. But it's also a place where the seeds of others' dreams - to one day have a garden, learn to paint flowers, make more time for creativity - can be sown. It's a destination for anyone who loves florals, patterns, and textiles and an oasis of beauty, positivity, and joy, where kindred floral-loving spirits can find community with others, create together, sow future dreams, and bring beauty to life. 

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